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What is OmegaEduPack?

OmegaEduPack is a collection of simulators for process engineering education provided on OmegaLand (an integrated environment for dynamic simulation).

OmegaEduPack enables complementing classroom knowledge gained through textbooks, lectures and exercises, and training process engineers and operators to improve their analytical and responsive capabilities, by way of experiential learning of unit operations through simulators that behave similarly to real plants. It should be noted that since the system operates on a single PC, it is possible to set it up on a relatively low cost environment.

Purposes of educational simulators that can be mentioned among others are to:

  • Learn the principles and rules of process engineering
  • Understand the operatiing principles and performance of equipment, and gain an adequate experience of operation.
  • Understand control operation and process behavior, and learn the basics of control action.
  • Acquire the necessary knowledge for process operation.

A learning environment using a simulator is one of the requirements to achieve these objectives efficiently. In this type of environment, students can participate and learn efficiently by becoming protagonists. OmegaEduPack provides the optimal environment for such educational purposes.

The following simulators are available for OmegaEduPack.

Type Subject Purpose
Operation Principles Material and Heat Balance Learning principles and rules
Heat Transfer
Process Control
Reaction (* under development)
Basic Units Distillation Tower Experiencing unit operation

Operation Principles

Material and Heat Balance

Learn material and heat balances due to a combustion reaction, through the combustion of butane in a burner, and the generation of 15K steam by a heat exchange between the combustion gases and water.


Learn the differences in pump performances and the pressure loss factors associated with liquid feeds, by feeding water stored in a tank to another tank installed in a higher position pressurized by two pumps having different performance characteristics and through pipes of different size.

Heat Transfer

Remove the polymerization reaction heat of propylene with an external circulation cooler. There are two coolers, one for which it is possible to change the operating conditions without restrictions on temperature control, thus making it possible to learn the basic principles of heat exchangers, and the meaning of the overall heat transfer coefficient.

Process Control

Use processes that operate dynamically to learn how to determine control parameters and to understand each of the control characteristics of flow control, liquid level control, and temperature control. It is possible to learn PI control, PID control and even feed forward control.

Basic Units

Distillation Tower

Experience the basic operation of a binary component distillation tower.


Experience the basic operation of a single-stage compressor.