Visual Modeler

Visual Modeler Trial Version

A vinyl acetate manufacturing plant model is provided as a trial version of Visual Modeler. The functionalities of Visual Modeler can be examined by running this plant model.

  • Configuration of the plant-wide control system
  • Study of PID control
  • Detection of abnormal conditions
  • Diagnosis of abnormal conditions
  • Development of optimal operation algorithms
  • Start-up operation from the nitrogen purge condition
  • Study of operations to perform changes in operation conditions

Click here to watch the introduction movie of Visual Modeler trial version and its VAM plant model.

Update of VAM model in Visual Modeler trial version (23rd August, 2018)

  • Correction of the calculation in Malfunction MAL06.
  • The document about CSV output was corrected and user can freely choose any of item values.
  • The description of SV150 which was not required was removed from the document.
  • Collection of Figure and table numbers.

Please click here if you are using the vinyl acetate manufacturing plant model for research activities.

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Regarding the usage of this model for research purposes

This vinyl acetate production plant model was created in workshop No.31 of the 143rd Committee of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.
If you present any research results obtained by use of this plant model, please quote our website (1) and reference (2) as indicated below.
In addition, please contact us if possible at to indicate that you will be announcing research results.


(2) Machida Y., Ootakara S., Seki H., Hashimoto Y., Kano M., Miyake Y., Anzai N., Sawai M., Katsuno T., Omata T., (2016). Vinyl Acetate Monomer (VAM) Plant Model: A New Benchmark Problem for Control and Operation Study, Dynamics and Control of Process Systems, including Biosystems (DYCOPS-CAB2016), pp.533-538