News Release

OmegaLand V3.3 Released

The new version of OmegaLand has been released.

ISO9001 International Standard for Quality Management Systems Certification

We received the ISO9001 international standard for quality management systems certification in March 2013.
More than ever before, we will strive to maintain and improve the quality of our products and services to be able to answer the needs of our customers.

2014/01/30 Yokogawa Press Announcement about Mirror Plant

Our parent company, the Yokogawa Electric Corp. made the following press release: "Yokogawa to Offer Solutions for Optimizing Plant Operations MIRROR PLANT, the industry's first online simulator". This solution makes use of the technology of Omega Simulation. It has been developed by applying the integrated environment for dynamic simulation OmegaLand, and its core technology, the plant simulator Visual Modeler.

2013/09/18 Mirror Plant won the Technology Award of the Society of Instrument and Control Engineers (SICE)

"Development of Mirror Plant and its Applications to Actual Plants"
This is an online simulator technology, an innovative technology that enables plant operations that are both highly productivity and safe. This is a technology that grasps and faithfully reproduces the current state of a plant on a PC, to enable visualizing its internal conditions and predicting its future behavior. The Yokogawa Electric Corp. and Omega Simulation have jointly developed MIRROR PLANT, which is not only an operation assistance tool for operators, but also offers features that can be used by technical staff to improve operations. Verification test were performed in a Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. plant, the effectiveness of the technology was confirmed, and the three companies jointly received the award.


Visual Modeler won the Technology Award of the Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan (SCEJ)

"Development and Commercialization of the Dynamic Simulator Visual Modeler"
The plant simulator Visual Modeler developed and marketed by Omega Simulation received the Technology Award of the Society of Chemical Engineers Japan in 2002. It has enabled realizing applications such as faithfully representing actual plants as virtual plants on computers, operator training and education, investigating operation and control methods, and operation optimization. This simulation technology has produced many highly valued achievements at home and abroad.