Handling of Personal Information

In principle, you may use all of the services provided through Web sites run by Omega Simulation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Omega Simulation"), without disclosing your personal information. For specific type(s) of service, however, you may be asked to provide your personal information, in which case Omega Simulation shall be required to keep such information confidential. Furthermore, Omega Simulation is fully aware of the importance of safeguarding the privacy of such information when handling electronic information. In some cases, Omega Simulation may subcontract the management of a specific Web site, whole or a part thereof, to an outside firm that Omega Simulation judges to be trustworthy. The personal information of each individual user is protected also in these cases under Omega Simulation's rules of handling personal information.

Personal information mentioned herein and defined by Omega Simulation refers to information of all kinds related to each individual person --the name, residential address, mailing address, employer's name, department name, phone number, opinions, and so on --that is electronically transmitted to Omega Simulation by users.
In order to make your Web site browsing more efficient or to provide follow-up services after Web site browsing, Omega Simulation may ask users to provide personal information in the case of:

  • online user registration;
  • requesting catalogs;
  • answering questionnaires;
  • registering subscriptions to newsletters or the like;
  • ordering products;

and other cases.

In all cases, Omega Simulation will expressly state why such information is necessary, so that you may provide the information at your own discretion. Omega Simulation will not disclose personal information provided by users to any party, other than Omega Simulation or business partners, without prior permission from the users, except in case Omega Simulation provides its commissioned trader with such information necessary for the trader to execute its business.

However, in cases where a settlement needs to be made for using pay services or purchasing products, Omega Simulation may exchange personal information with firms, including without limitation, financial institutions, in order to check the validity of bank accounts and/or credit cards. Likewise, Omega Simulation may disclose personal information in case such disclosure is mandatory under applicable laws or is reasonably judged to be essential in order to protect and safeguard the rights, property and safety of other users, and Omega Simulation.

For the purpose of product development, identification of business needs, and sales promotion, Omega Simulation may use personal information, personal opinions, and the like presented by users, though such use shall be limited only to Omega Simulation and business partners.

Omega Simulation will accept, to a reasonable extent, such possible user requests as making corrections or deletions to personal information presented by users.

Omega Simulation may use the IP addresses of users recorded in the system, in order to explore the cause of or solution to any problem arising in servers, or to administer its Web sites.

For queries and inquiries about the personal information protection policy of Omega Simulation, please contact us at:webmaster