News List
News Release
- The new version of OmegaLand (V3.5) has been released.
Adopting Always On SSL (AOSSL)
Windows Update Failure with OmegaLand Software
Update of VAM model in Visual Modeler trial version
- English version of EQUATRAN is launched by PreFEED Corp.
Operator Training Simulator
- We added the pages about an operator training simulator.
Mirror Prant
- We offer solutions for optimizing plant operations.

OmegaLand Version 3.5

New version of OmegaLand V3.5 has been released. New product “OmegaLand Trainer Enterprise” is available.

New Technology

Mirror Plant

This is a new technology: the world's first online application of a dynamic simulator.



This is an engineering service to resolve the problems of our customers.

Educational Solution


Users can learn the principles of process engineering and understand unit operation through simulators that behave similarly to real plants.